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Cyndi Barnes, Artist

I come from a very creative and artistic family and as a result, I have been creating art in many forms my entire life.

I grew up in Chicago and was fortunate enough to take classes at the Art Institute.   This opportunity sparked my creative curiosities even more and I began to explore acrylic painting.  My interests continued to grow as I then fell completely in love with pen and inks of all varieties.  Seemed like I wanted to explore the whole world of art as the seed had been planted and interesting enough, while I was completely passionate about my art, decided to begin a career in landscaping.  I utilized my creativity in creating beautiful luscious and flowing landscape patterns.  In 1984 I expanded on my own creative designs by attending landscaping courses at Richland College in Dallas.  

With my children almost grown, I began feeling the inner call to return to a more traditional sense of art and design I gave myself permission to go back to my original passion.  

In Dallas I began working in mosaics at the Creative Arts Center and have opened my own studio for creating and designing art in the following forms: Fine Art Mosaics, 3D Mosaics, Mixed Media and Carved Concrete.

I would love for you to explore my site and view some of the pieces that I have created.  I work from my soul and especially enjoy creating beautiful art sculptures for home and garden.